EBC USR Series Fine Slotted Brake Discs

Brand: EBC Brakes
Part number: USR1285
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Product Details

All EBC rotors including new super silent Ultimax USR Slotted Rotors are British made and are precision machined in the UK. Rotors are made from high quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorousquality control. Slotted rotors can significantly improve brake performance and longevity when used with a matching high friction brake pad set. Having sold hundreds of thousands of brake kits EBC Brakes feel confident their approach is as perfect as it gets.

EBC are of the opinion that slotted rotors have been "Over sold" by certain marketplace participants and their findings are that a slotted rotor will only give benefits if used with a pad that compensates for its reduced surface area.

EBC recommend the use of a premium pad such as Redstuff brake pads or Yellowstuff brake padsto complement your new USR slotted rotors which will provide the optimum balance of life and performance.

Technical Details

Fits Front/Rear
Caliper Type
Bolt Holes
Diameter (mm)
Total Height (mm)
Thickness New/Min (mm)


Below is a guide as to what vehicles this product will fit. If you are unsure if this will fit your vehicle, please contact us

AUDI A3 quattro (8P) 3.2 2003-2009
AUDI S3 2.0 Turbo PR-1LK 265BHP 2006-2012
AUDI S3 2.0 Turbo PR-1ZK 265BHP 2006-2012
SEAT Leon (1P) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 240BHP 2006-2013
SEAT Leon (1P) 2.0 Turbo Cupra R 265BHP 2009-2013
SEAT Leon (1P) 2.0 Turbo Copa 286BHP 2008-2013
SEAT Leon (1P) 2.0 Turbo Cupra 310BHP 2008-2009
SKODA Superb (3T) 1.8 Turbo 4WD 150BHP 2008-2015
SKODA Superb (3T) 1.8 Turbo 4WD 160BHP 2008-2015
SKODA Superb (3T) 2.0 Turbo 200BHP 2010-2015
SKODA Superb (3T) 3.6 4WD 260BHP 2008-2015
SKODA Superb (3T) 2.0 TD 4WD 170BHP 2008-2015
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Mk5 3.2 250BHP 2005-2009
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Mk6 2.0 Turbo R (PR-1LM) 270BHP 2009-2013
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Mk6 2.0 Turbo R (PR-1LK) 270BHP 2009-2013
VOLKSWAGEN Golf Mk6 2.0 Turbo R (PR-1ZK) 270BHP 2009-2013
VOLKSWAGEN Passat 2.0 Turbo 200BHP 2005-2010
VOLKSWAGEN Passat 3.6 to chassis code 3C7 2007-2012
VOLKSWAGEN Passat 3.6 from chassis code 3C8 2007-2012
VOLKSWAGEN Passat CC 2.0 Turbo 2008-2012
VOLKSWAGEN Passat CC 3.6 4 Motion 2008-2012
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco 2.0 Turbo R 265BHP 2009-2014
VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco 2.0 Turbo R 276BHP 2014-