EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Street & Track Brake Pads

Brand: EBC Brakes
Part number: DP42053R
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Product Details

High friction formula improves brake effect 30-40%.

  • Fastest brake pads for Street, Drift & Trackday racing
  • Zero brake fade makes this material perfect for fastest driving.
  • Capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake "Fall-Off".
  • Very minimal disc/rotor damage characteristics.
  • Suitable for shorter track events and race use.
  • Medium hardness material feels good at pedal.
  • If all you need is stopping power, this is the material choice.
  • ECE R 90 type approved for most cars.
  • Features red "brake in" surface coating for instant safe braking after install.

EBC Yellowstuff 1793 compound is a true winner all round, it has high friction from cold, not requiring warm up for street use yet when loaded up and really hot the brakes just get better. Even up to truck weights these pads grip and do not heat fade. They are also suitable and the most fastest brake pads for Trackday & Drift racing.

EBC yellows are ECE Brake safety tested which means they must work perfectly from cold at least as good or better than stock pads.

When Yellowstuff see some heat (which is not tested for in the ECE R 90 brake safety regulations) they really show their pedigree. On German cars built with GG these are about the only aftermarket pads that will match or beat the pretty good German OE spec pads and that takes some doing.

High efficiency performance and race brakes for track & street use, fast to bed-in, great for street vehicle brake upgrade.

EBC Yellowstuff pads are used on the UK Silverstone Race Track Drivers experience cars because of their high performance and longevity. Yellowstuff also claimed a win in the Targa rally and for two years running in the Brazil Mitsubishi off Road Team Desert Challenge.

Because of its huge heat range , the applications where EBC Yellowstuff will deliver benefits range from fastest street use on higher horsepower sedans to Trackday and Race use on most street based cars and even as a brake upgrade on Trucks and SUV. Yellowstuff is especially appreciated on Trucks for towing and heavy loads and where wheel and tire oversize upgrades have been fitted.

Technical Details

Fits Front/Rear
Caliper Type


Below is a guide as to what vehicles this product will fit. If you are unsure if this will fit your vehicle, please contact us

CITROEN DS4 1.6 Turbo 200bhp 2011-2015 - Rear
CITROEN DS5 1.6 Turbo 200bhp 2011-2015 - Rear
CITROEN DS5 1.6 Turbo hybrid 165bhp 2012-2015 - Rear
CITROEN DS5 2.0 TD 180bhp 2014-2015 - Rear
CITROEN DS5 2.0 TD hybrid 165bhp 2012-2015 - Rear
CITROEN DS5 2.0 TD hybrid 200bhp 2013-2015 - Rear
DS DS4 1.6 Turbo 210bhp 2015- - Rear
DS DS4 2.0 TD 150bhp 2015- - Rear
DS DS4 2.0 TD 180bhp 2015- - Rear
DS DS5 1.6 Turbo 210bhp 2015- - Rear
PEUGEOT 308 1.6 Turbo 200bhp 2010-2013 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 1.6 2009-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 1.2 Turbo 130bhp 2015-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 1.6 TD 110bhp 2009-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 1.6 TD 120bhp 2014-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 1.6 Turbo 2009-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 2.0 TD 2009-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 3008 2.0 TD hybrid 2011-2017 - Rear
PEUGEOT 308 CC 1.6 Turbo 200bhp 2010- - Rear
PEUGEOT RCZ 1.6 Turbo 156bhp 2009- - Rear
PEUGEOT RCZ 1.6 Turbo 200bhp 2009- - Rear
PEUGEOT RCZ 2.0 TD 163bhp 2009- - Rear
PEUGEOT RCZ R 1.6 Turbo 270bhp 2014- - Rear