EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Pad and GD Slotted/Dimpled Disc Kit

Brand: EBC Brakes
Part number: PD13KF458
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Product Details

Yellowstuff 4000 series sport upgrade brake pads are manufactured in the UK and are type approved for your vehicle. Designed for faster and higher horsepower vehicles and for short track use but due to heat range, these pads are great as a brake upgrade on 4x4 vehicles particularly when towing or under heavy load. Featuring Brake-In coating for faster bed-in.

One pair of slotted and dimpled upgrade brake discs. Wide slots and blind drilled dimples are designed to dispel gasses and debris. Manufactured from unique disc alloys and thermic black coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested.

  • Money saving brake kit including one set of pads and a pair of discs
  • Yellowstuff 4000 series type approved upgrade brake pad for street, trackday or drift use
  • Yellowstuff 4000 series type approved upgrade brake pad for street, trackday or drift use
  • Pair of slotted and dimpled upgrade brake discs with grooves that are designed to dispel gasses and debris

Kit contains one set of DP41365R Yellowstuff brake pads and one pair of GD1237 GD slotted/dimpled brake discs

Technical Details

Fits Front/Rear
Caliper Type
Bolt Holes
Disc Diameter
Disc Height
Thickness New/Min


Below is a guide as to what vehicles this product will fit. If you are unsure if this will fit your vehicle, please contact us

MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C200 K 2000-2004
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C200 K 2005-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C200 K Estate 2001-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C230 2005-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C230 K 2000-2004
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C230 K 2004-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C240 2000-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C240 4-Matic 2002-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C240 Estate 2001-2004
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C270 TD 2001-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C280 2005-2007
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class (W203) C320 2000-2004
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class Coupe (CL203) C180 K 2002-2004
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class Coupe (CL203) C230 2005-2008
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class Coupe (CL203) C230 K 2001-2008
MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class Coupe (CL203) C320 2002-2008
MERCEDES-BENZ CLC-Coupe (CLC203) CLC200K (1.8 Supercharged) 184bhp 2008-2011
MERCEDES-BENZ CLC-Coupe (CLC203) CLC230 (2.5) 204bhp 2008-2011
MERCEDES-BENZ CLK (C209) CLK200K (1.8 Supercharged) 2002-2010
MERCEDES-BENZ CLK (C209) CLK240 (2.6) 2002-2005
MERCEDES-BENZ CLK (C209) CLK270 D (2.7 TD) 2002-2005
MERCEDES-BENZ CLK (C209) CLK280 (3.0) 2005-2010
MERCEDES-BENZ CLK (C209) CLK320 (3.2) 2002-2005
MERCEDES-BENZ SLK (R171) SLK200K (1.8 Supercharged) 184bhp 2008-2011
MERCEDES-BENZ SLK (R171) SLK280 (3.0) 228bhp 2005-2009
MERCEDES-BENZ SLK (R171) SLK300 (3.0) 228bhp 2009-2011